Let your child know


🌟  Let your child know that your salary is not what sustains them, rather Allah is the provider.

🌟  Let your child know that even with the wings, the birds can't fly except by the permission of Allah.

🌟  Let your child know that rains don't fall because it's rainy season alone, it can fall at anytime or cease at any time by the permission of Allah.

🌟  Let your child know that you are not the best role model for them, but the messenger of Allah is.

🌟  Let your child know that their is a Lord whom they should fear and obey.

🌟  Teach your children not to fear you, or the people, but Allah and Allah alone.

🌟  Teach your children that they don't breathe because their is breeze but by the leave of Allah.

🌟  Teach your child that Allah is established on his throne above the seven heavens, before their primary school teacher will teach your children that Allah is everywhere.

🌟  Teach your daughter about the essence of Hijaab and shame, before the world teaches her to stay and pose in selfies.

🌟  **Give your son proper Tarbiyah from the story of Lukman and his son in the Quran before he becomes

🌟  Don't wait till they grow up before you start teaching them the Deen, for your decisions over them may not matter to them anymore at that time.*

🌟  علم ولدك القرآن والقرآن سيعلمه كل شيء
🌟  (Teach your child the Quran and the Quran will teach them everything).

🌸 Oh Allah, help us in regards to our children, and make it easy for us to raise them upon your religion, Aameen.🌸


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